5 Tips for choosing a Mother of the Bride outfit

Carla Ruiz
Apr 25 2017

5 Tips for choosing a Mother of the Bride outfit

There is often a lot of pressure to find the perfect mother of the bride outfit. There are a few pitfalls which can catch anxious shoppers out. Being too impulsive, leaving it too late, picking the wrong shape / colour, the list goes on! We have put together a few common sense tips to help you make the right choice for your daughter’s big day.


Don’t stress! Follow our shopping tips

Be organised

It is wise to start your search a good few months in advance – leaving things too near the wedding date will be very stressful. Worst case scenario you pick an outfit in a panic and regret your choice on the day. Picking too early also has its downside – the worry of the outfit still fitting or the style being out of fashion on the day.

Do your research online, especially look at occasion wear designers such as Carla Ruiz and Ronald Joyce who specialise in mother of the bride outfits. Have some ideas in your mind or even print off images of outfits you like. It will help the boutique know your style preference.

calendar for mother of the bride outfit

Stick the date in your diary and go shopping well in advance of your daughter’s big day


Suit your shape

Know your body shape and what compliments it. There is zero point in honing in on a gorgeous outfit that will not flatter you. Highlight your best features. If you have great legs go for a knee length outfit. Check does the outfit have a matching jacket or shawl. Accessories can hide areas you feel self-conscious about.  You are going to be wearing your outfit for an entire day & night. When trying it on in the shop, sit down and check that it doesn’t cut into you.  A mother of the bride outfit should be glamorous of course but don’t neglect comfort.


Condici 11290_withCoat

Condici 11290_withCape-2


Knowledge is power!

There is one scenario guaranteed to bring any mother of the bride out in a sweat. That is turning up in the same / too similar outfit as the groom’s mother. Check with your daughter to find out what colour / style she will be wearing. Traditionally the mother of the bride chooses first over the mother of the groom but this is not always the case. To ensure that both mothers look their best without clashing maybe they could take a day to shop for their dresses together!

mother of the bride outit

Avoid the awkward same dress fiasco (image @ scoopnest.com)

Don’t go shopping alone

Mothers of the bride should consider bringing someone along on the search for the perfect outfit. Best thing is to bring the bride-to-be, a relative or friend who will give you an honest opinion. Why not make a day out of it? Go for a bite to eat and mull over your choices. Constructive opinions will help you to make a good choice.

mother of the bride outfit

Shopping with your daughter to find your perfect mother of the bride outfit

The camera never lies

One of the best ways to make up your mind is to see how the dress looks in a photo. Ask your shopping companion or even the shop assistant to take photos of you in your favourite mother of the bride outfit. When you see how you will look in a photo you can really make a sound decision. Go through the photos in the comfort of your home when you are relaxed and not feeling under pressure to purchase. Of course if you love the outfit go on ahead and purchase it then and there, after all you deserve it!

Luis Civit Amanda Nimmo look-9

We can help you choose your perfect mother of the bride outfit

Here at Lynch Fashions we have been helping mothers of the bride to choose their special outfit for over 50 years. Our expertise in this area means we know how to help you look and feel glamorous on the big day. Coming to Lynch Fashions is not a rush job. We take our time with each of our clients and make the shopping experience relaxed and comfortable in our luxury changing rooms. Our staff are on hand at all times to choose different styles and sizes.

We select designers who create classic mother of the bride outfits so they don’t date as fashion trends come and go. We have a great selection to choose from – check out our 2017 collection and call in to see us today.

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